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Welcome to High-End Finds!

High-End Finds is a LiveJournal Community dedicated solely for the purpose of those with the tastes that of higher-end brands of products, such as lacoste polos, seven jeans, and blahnik shoes. Cosmetics, jewelry, and even home decorative items are highly encouraged!

Here you can post questions or comments, pictures of shirts, shoes, dog collars, jeans, eyeshadow, hair accessories, and any other item that pertains to this community.

We also promote listing of local boutiques, that carry high-end items, such as Juicy Couture, Uggs, Mavi, etc. If you live in a particular area, and wish to know where to perhaps find these items, by all means post, and ask! There may just be someone else around you who can help you out.

Please, BE NICE!!! Abuse to this community, or any fellow member is highly prohibited. You will be banned. This is a place for peaceful and mutual love of class and sophistication.

-More than one picture? Throw it under an lj-cut!
-STAY ON TOPIC. Please do not wander off topic. There are surely other communities for whichever purpose other than ours here, that you can discuss your ideas in.
-Fake bag posts will be deleted. There is a community for this.
-Be nice about your opinions. If someone posts something that you highly dislike, say it in a mature fashion.
-POST! COMMENT ON ENTRIES! Be an active part.

Though you may post items from companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, etc., we ask that you PLEASE refrain from doing so, as we consider these stores to be "mainstream." However, if you do, it is not against the rules, but it does go against the whole "purpose" of our community. There are many of other communities within LiveJournal that are dedicated specifically to these stores! Thanks.

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